Andrea Hartmann

Andrea was born 1969 in Vienna, Austria. After school and university she spent many years in the international advertising business. Various experiences in her personal and professional life brought her to the source of her real passion: colours and design. Andrea has a degree in Interior Design/Architecture from New York Institute of Art and Design.

The desire to brighten people's homes became a vital role in her life. After travelling to remote locations of the world she was attracted by the beautiful Costa de la Luz with it's unique people, variety of colours and cultures and settled there for a couple of years.

Andrea is now living with her family in Switzerland. She still uses her second home in Spain to get inspired for her work. The families current home is a reflection of their personality, which shows what you can achieve with a few thoughts and the desire to live your own style.

It's not the goal to have something good looking because it is trendy or very expensive, it's about to reflect someone's own personality and create an enjoyable home for yourself and the people who you like to be with you.