Colours never clash - you just have to look at Nature where strange colours are often combined together and they always coordinate naturally with each other. Every colour affects another - they influence each other. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what effect colours will have in your home. It's generally considered best to keep three colours: a base colour, a main contrast colour and an accent colour, which is used more sparingly to highlight specific areas and draw the eye around the room.

white red yellow green blue orange

White ist the colour of peace and innocent, of calm and comfort, of simplicity and romance. White is timeless, fresh and bright. White makes the perfect backdrop for living. White is the purist of colours, reflecting all light. White allows each colour to have its own presence.

Red is vibrant, stimulating and passionate. It is warm and safe but also dangerous and daring. Red catches our eye the most. It is the colour of romance, excitement and seduction. Saturated jewel tones of hot pink and magenta add sophisticated style and sparkle to a decor. Red is our homes lifeblood.

Yellow is a bright and happy colour and the most visible of all the colours. It is the colour of the mind and the intellect. Paired with green, yellow softens, paired with blue or violet it brightens.

Green is healing. it relieves stress and gives us a sense of wellbeing. It stands for stability, certainty and productivity. Follow the advice of Feng Shui and bring Green into your interior. Green is not a colour but an entire palette with each shade evoking a different emotion.

Blue is soothing and fresh, the colour of the sky and the sea - it is cooling, peaceful and neutral. It has distance and depth. Blue is full of possibility. it is the colour of two vital elements for living: air and water. Blue is timeless. Blue is very calming. Within blue there are many shades.

Orange is an uplifting and lively colour, reflecting a household where there is plenty of fun and where popular social functions are held often. The orange personality does not favour solitude. A home decorated in this colour shows a desire for companionship and a talent for making friends.